Import Existing Account

The following instructions illustrate how to import an existing account (Ledger, MetaMask or Encrypted Key) on Keplr.

Step 1: Install Keplr on Chrome Extension here.

Step 2: Select 'Import existing account'.

Step 3: To import your existing account, there are 2 options.

Option A: Input your seed phrase from your Demex account. Then, you will need to select a name for your wallet account and set a password.

To locate your seed phrase on Demex, navigate to the Wallet Settings and click on 'Show' under 'Mnemonic'.

The mnemonic seed serves as a means of regaining access to your wallet if you happen to lose access to or unintentionally reset your Keplr wallet. Users are highly encouraged to store their mnemonic phrase safely in a secure location that is only accessible by them. If the mnemonic seed is lost, it cannot be recovered.

Option B: Input your private key and account name.

Step 4: Once you have completed the above steps, click 'Done' and proceed to sign in to your Keplr account.

Well done, you have successfully imported your existing account to Keplr!

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