How to Get cGLP

As easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Obtaining GLP

Ensure that you have $GLP in your Metamask wallet. To acquire $GLP, click on “Buy on Arbitrum” on GMX.

Input the amount of $GLP you would like to buy and click on “Buy GLP”

You have successfully purchased $GLP tokens!

Step 2: Deposit $GLP to acquire $cGLP

Go to the GLP Compounder page on Demex.

Alternative: Go to and under “Earn”, click on “GLP Compounder”

Click on 'Connect Metamask'.

Approve the connection to the Arbitrum network

Under “Deposit”, add the amount of $GLP tokens you want to deposit then click “Deposit”.

A popup will show after the transaction is successful

Congratulations! You’ve successfully wrapped $GLP to $cGLP.

Step 3: Deposit $cGLP onto Demex to earn more Yield

Connect your wallet to Demex.

Go to your "Wallet Balance" and locate the $cGLP asset to deposit.

Click "Deposit" on the right-hand side of the chosen asset. You will be depositing cGLP into Demex on the Carbon network.

Select "Arb-ERC20" as the Source Network then click "Connect Metamask".

Input the amount of tokens you wish to deposit and click on "Deposit".

Confirm and approve the transaction on the Metamask pop-up.

Once your tokens have been deposited, the transaction status should state "Success".

Congratulations! You have successfully deposited your cGLP assets onto Demex (Carbon chain).

You can now deposit cGLP into Nitron here to borrow other assets against your cGLP collateral and use those assets to participate in other DeFi activities while your cGLP grows in value!

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