CEX to Demex VIP Program

Enjoy a VIP trading experience on Demex when you migrate from a CEX!


Starting on 16 Feb, 2024, Demex is thrilled to launch a VIP Program to encourage traders coming from CEXs to Demex.

This program allows Demex traders to enjoy a VIP experience trading on Demex by having priority support and reduced trading fees for perp markets.

VIP Fee Tier Breakdown and Criteria

Fee Tier30-Day USDⒼ Net Deposits30-Day VolumeMaker FeeTaker Fee


≥ $20,000

≥ $3m




≥ $100,000

≥ $10m




≥ $250,000

≥ $20m



The VIP Fee Tiers are achieved based on your total USDⒼ net deposits and total trading volume.

Once these conditions are met, simply fill up this form here: https://forms.gle/8mjASbRqBLDJYm7Q7

The Demex team will verify your account and promote it to the eligible fee tier based on your account activities within 7 days.


Traders coming to Demex from CEX can be eligible as soon as the first day in the following scenario:

A new Demex trader withdraws $10k of USDⒼ from a CEX and deposits it into Demex and trades $100k of total volume. He/she will now be eligible to be VIP1 as both conditions are met.

Once your account is promoted, you can find your new fee tier on your profile page here: https://app.dem.exchange/account/profile

Terms & Conditions

  1. Promotion: Entry into these fee tiers is manual and reviewed each week or on a per-request basis.

  2. Downgrades: After your account has been promoted, it will be reviewed once a month and if your account no longer meets the criteria, it will be downgraded. If your account was just shy of being eligible, you may reach out to us and we'll look into promoting it as part of the VIP experience.

  3. Calculations: The calculation for USDⒼ Net Deposits is taking the total deposits subtracting the total withdrawals in the past 30 days. The calculation for the total volume is the sum of the user's daily spot and perp volume in the past 30 days.

  4. Participation: Open to all Demex traders, but preference will be given to new traders transferring from CEXs to Demex.

  5. Exclusions and Fair Play: Certain trading activities may be excluded from the calculations. Practices like wash trades, self-dealing, or market manipulation can lead to disqualification.

  6. Program Period: The program has no end date and will continue indefinitely until an end date has been set.

  7. Amendments and Termination Rights: Demex reserves the right to modify or end the program, with adequate notice to participants via Demex's social media channels.

  8. Multiple Fee Tier Programs: Should a trader qualify for a more favorable fee tier under another fee tier program, the most favorable fee tier will be applied to the trader.

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