The Demex trading interface is organized into six sections, providing easy access to various functionalities:

  • Price Chart: Presents a graphical representation of the asset's price history for analysis

  • Order Book: Displays current buy and sell orders for a particular asset

  • Recent Trades: Shows the most recent completed trades

  • Positions and Orders: Provides an overview of open positions and pending orders

  • Market Leverage: Allows users to adjust their leverage settings for trading

  • Order Dialog: Allows users to set their order intent

Users have complete control over the layout of the trading interface, allowing them to arrange the various sections according to their preferences:

  • To resize a section, simply drag the bottom right corner of the section to adjust its dimensions.

  • Similarly, to move a section to a different position, you can drag the top banner of the window, relocating it as desired.

By accessing the display dropdown, users can easily show or hide any desired sections. Users have the option to switch between day and night mode for a customized viewing experience as well.

To return the trading interface back to its default settings, click on the 'Reset' button.

Searching for a market

To access the search bar, simply click on the downward-pointing arrow icon (🔽).

The search engine on Demex is categorized by market types: Perpetual, Futures, and Spot. Users can conveniently access all available markets on Demex by selecting the 'All' option.

Additionally, users have the option to mark any market as a favourite by clicking on the ★ icon, making it easily accessible for future trading.

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