Public Community Nodes

Demex utilizes the public community nodes on the Carbon blockchain. Users can access a variety of public nodes through the node selection UI to interact with the blockchain.

If you are a node creator and wish to add your node to the default list on Demex, see this repostitory.


Follow these steps to connect to a public node on Demex: Step 1: Click on the network icon in the menu tab.

Step 2: Inside the Nodes column, you will find a list of public nodes. Select the desired node to interact with the blockchain.

More nodes will be displayed once they have been added. Node rating depicts the stability and reliability of the node.

Failure to connect to the node

In the event that you are unable to connect to a public node on Demex, you can reach out to the respective node creator via Email or Telegram (if available on GitHub) to restore the node.

          "creator": {
              "description": "These are contact details of the creator",
            "name": "Another name",
            "telegram": "thisisausernametoo",
            "email": ""

This approach fosters stronger community ties. Users can directly contact the node creator independently, expediting the recovery process in case of node failure.

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