Activate Account

An explanation of the activate account dialogue

To execute transactions on Demex, it is necessary to first activate your account.

This activation transaction:

  • allows you to utilize Demex on Web3 wallets such as MetaMask; and

  • is a necessary step for you to perform in EVM transactions; and

  • enables you to link your native $SWTH balance between Carbon Core and Carbon EVM - that means your $SWTH balance will be the same on both your swth1... address on Leap / Keplr as well as your 0x...address on Metamask (assuming you use the same private keys or secret phrase).

Activation is a one-time requirement, meaning you only need to perform this step once.


The following instructions illustrate how to activate your account on Demex.

To perform transactions on Demex, ensure that your wallet contains sufficient funds to pay network fees.

Step 1: Go to Demex and connect your wallet.

Step 2: Perform your first action as per normal (e.g. trade, lend, add liquidity). When doing so, the following dialogue will appear, prompting you to activate your account. This will happen if you are a new user, or have used Demex before 03/07/2023 and have not used it since.

Step 3: Follow the instructions in the pop-up to activate your account.

Congratulations, with your account activated and funded, you're now ready to explore and trade on Demex!

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