Demex Incentivized Devnet

📆 17th August → 27th August, 09:00 AM UTC

Welcome to Demex's Incentivized Devnet! 🎉

This event is aimed at assessing a new feature on Demex called 'Perp Pools'.

Perp Pools uses your stablecoin to market make on Demex's perpetual markets. This cutting-edge technology was built by our partners at Fluo Finance, a liquidity management protocol.

Watch this short video to see it in action:

Maximize your Airdrop Chance! 🎁

Check your FLUO Airdrop eligibility at

  • Already eligible? Boost your FLUO airdrop amount by actively participating in this event.

  • Not yet eligible? You can become eligible by taking part in this event.

  • You may also get Demex's $DMX airdrop from participating actively in this devnet. 👀

Fluo Finance will be airdropping FLUO tokens to lucky devnet participants!

Note: If you have only used Keplr or Leap wallet to interact with Osmosis or Carbon network, you are still eligible and will need to add a Metamask account using the same seed phrase.

How to Participate in our Devnet Event

Note: Devnet tokens can be minted freely. They are fake and do not have any value and are only for testing purposes.

Here's what you need to do before you can try out our perp pools.

  1. Visit our website

  2. Click on our network icon and choose Carbon Devnet as your network.

  1. Log in to Demex using MetaMask and accept the acknowledgment to connect.

If the devnet has been reseeded recently, you will need to clear your Metamask's activity data, aka clearing nonce, by going to Metamask > Settings > Advanced > Clear activity tab data.

  1. Navigate to the Wallet Balance page and mint $USD and $SWTH tokens. These are test tokens on the devnet and do not have any actual value, but you can win real USD from our devnet trading league, as well as be eligible for real FLUO airdrop once it's live.

  1. Go to the Pools page and ensure that "Show Small Pools (<$5000)" is checked.

Congrats! You can now try out our new perp pools.

Perp Pools Instructions

Try the following actions and let us know your feedback. For more instructions and details about the benefits and risks, please visit the next page.

  • Depositing: Deposit $USD liquidity to "Perp Pools by Fluo" to provide liquidity to perp markets and acquire CLP tokens.

  • Farming: Gain $esFLUO rewards by staking $CLP.

  • Boosting: Earn more rewards by staking $FLUO, boosting $stFLUO, and unlocking your vested $esFLUO rewards, all on the Fluo Dashboard.

  • Trading: Trade on the BTC-PERP or ETH-PERP market.

Giving Feedback

Experiencing issues? Our team is ready to assist you on the Carbon Ecosystem Telegram or Discord Channel #public-incentivized-devnet channel.

Additionally, you can provide feedback and ask questions by

We encourage you to ask questions and test the limits of perp pools! We're excited to launch perp pools and this devnet will help us make it a successful launch.


Ottersec has audited the CLP deposit and FLUO reward contracts on Carbon EVM. All audit vulnerabilities have been resolved. The audit report will be shared when the mainnet launches.

As this is devnet, all user's funds are safe.

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