GLP Compounder (Deprecating)

GLP Compounder is the first 0% fee auto-compounding vault for GMX on Arbitrum.

Demex's cGLP Compounder is being deprecated, please unwrap your cGLP here and withdraw them back to Arbitrum here.

About cGLP

Carbon Wrapped GLP (cGLP) is an auto-compounding version of GLP, the liquidity provider token of GMX, a perpetuals trading platform on Arbitrum.

Users can mint cGLP by depositing GLP into Carbon GLP Vault on Demex on the Arbitrum, where the protocol compounds the $ETH and $esGMX rewards automatically. The amount of cGLP remains fixed, but the cGLP-GLP exchange rate increases overtime.

This means that in the beginning, one cGLP is equal to GLP, and overtime one cGLP is equal to more than one GLP.

The introduction of cGLP will grant Cosmos users access to the GLP basket from Arbitrum as well.

To find out how to get cGLP, follow the instructions in the next few pages:

pageHow to Get cGLPpageHow to Redeem cGLP

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