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Nitron is a permissionless cross-chain money market where users can lend or borrow assets across multiple chains.
Nitron is also the minting hub for Carbon’s stablecoin, a decentralized stablecoin meant to follow the value of the US dollar.



Users can earn interest by lending out idle assets.


Users can borrow their desired asset by taking out a loan on Nitron.
In order to borrow an asset, users have to lock in a certain amount of assets as collateral. There is no expiry or obligation date for users to repay the loan, as long as the loan has sufficient collateral backing it.


Users can mint Carbon stablecoin ($USC) by locking in a certain amount of whitelisted assets as collateral. In order to withdraw the collateral, users must burn the stablecoin plus the accrued interest. Learn more about $USC here.


Nitron is powered by the CDP module on Carbon. Detailed documentation on how it works can be found here.