Address Management

The Address Management page on Demex allows you to conveniently add and manage contacts for easy fund transfers.

To select the desired address for fund withdrawal, simply click on 'Address Book' on the withdraw page. This feature allows you to conveniently choose from your saved addresses, making the process of sending funds more efficient and hassle-free. Save addresses for frequent transactions and streamline your fund transfers with ease.

No Addresses Added Yet

If you have not added any addresses yet, you will see a prompt encouraging you to add addresses for easy fund transfers. You can view the Address Book and add addresses by clicking on the respective buttons.

Edit Address

You have the option to edit the details of each address you have added. This includes modifying the contact name, address, and blockchain network associated with the address. This flexibility allows you to keep your address book up to date.

Default Option for Sending Tokens

By default, the 'Any Token' option is selected, enabling you to send any token available on the chosen network. However, if you prefer to restrict the sending to a specific token, you can uncheck the box and select the desired token from the dropdown list. This allows for more precise control over the tokens you send.

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