Migration Guide

If you have USDC / axlUSDC from any chain (except Arbitrum) on Demex before the launch of Carbon Grouped USD Token (USDⒼ), you will need to convert your existing tokens.

The following guide shows you how to convert USDC to USDⒼ.


Step 1: Go to app.dem.exchange. To convert your existing USDC, navigate to app.dem.exchange/account/balance

You are prompted by the pop-up to convert your existing stablecoins to the grouped token at a 1:1 ratio. Click the Convert button to continue.

Step 2: Select the token which you wish to convert from the Balances page, using the Convert button. In this case we clicked Convert on the USDC token. The page opens up as shown down below.

You can choose to select one token or select multiple tokens to convert from the list. Once you have reviewed the tokens and amounts. click the Convert button.

Step 3: After clicking the Convert button, you will view this pop-up window as shown below. Click the Confirm button to finalise your transaction.

You have successfully converted your existing USDC into the grouped token USDⒼ at a 1:1 ratio! You can now start trading on the USDⒼ markets or commit liquidity to the liquidity pools.

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