TradeNShare 🆕

Build a following sharing your wins and losses!

Our TradeNShare feature allows you to share your trading positions with the wider community.

This allows traders to:

  • Boost Reputation: Showcase your successful trades and build a reputation as a skilled trader. By sharing your profitable positions, you can demonstrate your trading prowess and attract the attention of other traders and potential followers. It's a great opportunity to share your referral links as well.

  • Inspire and Learn: Explore the shared positions of fellow traders. This enables you to discover new trading strategies, learn from the experiences of others, and gain valuable insights into different markets. By observing successful trades of other traders, you can broaden your knowledge and improve your own trading skills!

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded traders to build relationships, exchange trading tips, and stay updated on the latest market trends. Networking opportunities on TradeNShare can lead to valuable partnerships and a supportive trading community.

User Guide

This guide will primarily focus on Closed Positions as an example.

Tap the 'Share' icon in the 'Closed Positions' section to begin sharing your trades.

TradeNShare allows you to proudly showcase various aspects of your trades, including:

  • ROE (Return on Equity)

  • PnL (Profit and Loss)

  • Leverage

  • Entry and Exit Price

  • Entry Time and Exit Time

By default, all these options are checked. However, you have the flexibility to customize what you want to share with just a few clicks.

When you share your trades using TradeNShare, the platform provides you with a QR code. This code enables others to access your referral link and enjoy a discount on trading fees - allowing you to simultaneously boast about your successful trades and earn referral commissions!

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