Demex App (PWA)

Download the Demex App to use Demex on the go!

Demex has launched a progressive web app to make it easier for users to use Demex on the go.

The Demex app will enhance the user experience on mobile devices while retaining all of the features and functionalities of Demex.

How to get the Demex app

Navigate to the Demex website on your mobile browser and follow the instructions below.

The Demex app icon will now appear on your device to access Demex directly. Connect your wallet using WalletConnect to your preferred wallet such as MetaMask to trade on Demex on your device.

What are the benefits of using the Demex App?

  • Push Notifications: Stay informed with price movement and order execution notifications.

  • Convenience: Access Demex in one tap to trade and manage your portfolio anytime, anywhere.

  • No Additional Downloads: No need to download or update from app stores.


Q: Do I need a separate account for the mobile app? A: No, you can use your existing Demex account.

Q: How do I update the app? A: The app updates automatically. Just make sure your browser is up to date.

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