Social Media Login

Social Login is the most convenient way to use Demex if you do not have an existing Web3 wallet. The following instructions illustrate how to connect to Demex via Social Login.


Step 1: Select either 'Connect with Google' or 'Connect with X'.

Step 2: Sign into the account that you want to use.

Note: Avoid using a social account that is temporary or at risk of being lost, such as a business email, as your Demex account will be tied to that social login.

Step 3: You are now connected. Click on 'Deposit Now' to begin your first deposit.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your Social Login account and connected to Demex! You may begin trading on Demex.

To log into your account in the future, simply connect using the same social login.

This solution is powered by Web3Auth, a self-custodial key management solution. Demex do not store your keys.

Learn more about Web3Auth here.

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