Claiming Rewards

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This guide provides instructions on claiming rewards as a liquidity provider on our platform.

For LPs who did not commit LP tokens

Fees earned from maker rebates are automatically directed to liquidity pools proportionally. As such, there is no need for liquidity providers to manually claim these fees.

For LPs who committed LP tokens

Only liquidity rewards earned from committing LP tokens will require a claim transaction. Rewards earned from LP tokens can be claimed at any time, but each claim costs 30 SWTH.

Note that claims are also automatically done at the end of a reward period and when unlocking or withdrawing your LP tokens!


Step 1: Navigate to the 'Pools' page and select 'Your Pools' from the sidebar menu.

Step 2: The page displays all the pools you have added and committed liquidity to.

In order to claim rewards for a particular LP, locate the corresponding token and click on the "Claim" button adjacent to it.

Note that a network fee of 30 SWTH per liquidity pool is required for claiming rewards. Make sure that your rewards are more than this!

Alternatively, if you wish to claim all your rewards simultaneously, simply click on the "Claim All" button located at the top, which will display the following dialog:

Note also that rewards are distributed in a plethora of tokens due to earnings from Carbon block rewards, you can view the full list of tokens for distribution on CarbonScan here.

Step 3: Click on Claim to confirm your transaction.

Congratulations! Your claimed rewards have been sent to your wallet.

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