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Demex offers traders a fully customizable, advanced, and seamless trading experience with access to multiple Layer-1 chains and innovative features such as AMM-backed orderbooks and uneven liquidity pools.

AMM-backed Orderbooks

Traditional AMMs are limited by a simple swap interface, which lacks the ability for users to visualize slippage at different prices. Consequently, users are compelled to accept uncertainties surrounding actual exchange rates.
On Demex, users can visualize liquidity from AMMs in the form of an order book, providing an unparalleled decentralized exchange (DEX) experience that resembles that of centralized exchanges (CEX).
The liquidity provided by the AMM coexists with traditional market makers, facilitating greater capital efficiency for traders who can enjoy the effectively abundant liquidity on the orderbook.
A full suite of TradingView tools are also available on Demex in-depth price analysis, marking a significant advancement from previous DEX models.

Customizable Pool Weights

Uniswap pools are characterized by an equal distribution of assets, commonly referred to as '50/50' pools. Such pools ... that liquidity providers take on an equal exposure to two assets, such as ETH and DAI in a ETH-DAI pool, even if they prepare a different allocation.
Demex supports uneven pools, first pioneered by Balancer, which offer more advanced liquidity-pooling strategies. For instance, in an 80-20 ETH-DAI pool, token holders can maintain a higher exposure to ETH compared to previous models.
This allows users to have greater control over their exposure to impermanent loss; Learn more about impermanent loss and why it matters here.
Notice how a 95/5 ETH-DAI pool exhibits a much closer correlation to solely holding ETH in the graph below, demonstrating the tighter relationship achievable through such unequal pools.

Permissionless Features

Anyone is able to create their desired markets and liquidity pools on Demex:

Fully Customizable Markets

The Carbon chain possesses remarkable capabilities that empower users to create fully customizable markets, thereby enhancing the DeFi experience on Demex. Once a token is added to the Carbon protocol, users have the freedom to autonomously create the associated markets and liquidity pools. This permissionless process enables users to make customized choices, including:
  • Selecting the type of market, whether it be Spot, Futures, or Perpetuals;
  • Determining the fees for both takers and makers;
  • Defining margin requirements;
  • Configuring numerous other parameters to suit their preferences and requirements.
To learn more about the contract specifications of existing markets, click here.