Return Assets

On Nitron, you can borrow assets without actual ownership at a low interest rate. You can return the borrowed assets at any given time.

Follow these steps to return your borrowed assets:

Step 1: Launch Demex, click โ€œEarnโ€ in the navigation menu and click โ€œNitronโ€ under the dropdown bar.

The Nitron page opens up as shown below.

Step 2: Under the โ€œYouโ€™ve Borrowedโ€ window, you can view all assets that you have borrowed at any given time. For example, the SWTH token was initially borrowed at an interest rate of 10.93%.

Step 3: Click the โ€œReturnโ€ button on the desired borrowed asset. The โ€œReturnโ€ page opens up as shown below.

Step 4: Enter the desired amount that you wish to return. Use the dropdown menu to select the asset that you wish to use to repay your loan.

Step 5: Click the โ€œReturnโ€ button to return the borrowed amount.

Congratulations! You have successfully returned the borrowed asset.

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