Referral Dashboard

The Referrals dashboard on Demex provides you with tools to manage and track your referral activities.

  • Referral Statistics: View important referral statistics such as the number of friends you have referred and the total earnings you have generated from referring others. These statistics give you an overview of your referral performance.

  • Generating Your Referral Link: To invite others to join Demex through your referral, you can generate your unique referral link. This link is specific to your account and allows Demex to track new users who sign up using your referral.

  • Tracking Past Referral Earnings: The Referrals page provides a comprehensive overview of your past referral earnings.


  • To access further information about Referrals, click here.

  • For Referrers: To learn how to generate referral links, refer to the user guide here.

  • For Referees: To understand how to use referral links, consult the user guide here.

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