This article illustrate how to connect Keplr wallet to Demex.

Before you begin, here are some resources you might find useful:

  • To create a new account on Keplr, click here.

  • To import an existing account on Keplr, click here.

  • To import your legacy account on Keplr, click here.

Learn more about Keplr here.

Connect Keplr wallet on Demex

Step 1: After creating your Keplr wallet successfully, go to Demex and connect using Keplr.

Approve connection on the Keplr Wallet window by clicking 'Connect'.

Step 2: To integrate the carbon-1 blockchain with Keplr, simply click on the 'Approve' button.

When connecting to Demex using Keplr for the first time, a Chain Add Request will appear. This request will only appear during the initial connection, and subsequent connections will not require any further action.

Step 3: Once connected, you will need to click on the Keplr Extension in order to access your wallet. From the options available under the Cosmos dropdown menu, choose Carbon as the network.

You should be able to see your Carbon address (starting with "swth1...") on your Keplr wallet.

Congratulations, your Keplr wallet has been successfully connected!

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