BTCETH Perp Pool

Details about the BTCETH Perpetual Liquidity Pool


The BTCETH Perpetual Liquidity Pool is designed to facilitate liquidity in perpetual markets for both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as they are the top 2 largest tokens with the most liquidity.

Key Parameters

  • Pool ID: 2

  • Name: BTCETH Perpetual Pool

  • Deposit Token: cgt/1 ($USDG | Carbon Grouped USD)

  • Yield-Bearing Pool Token: cplt/2 ($CPLT-2 | BTCETH Perp Pool)

  • Vault Address: swth1cseyz9v4krrajpea33u35gxzxm7gu0ltyvqv8e

  • Supply Cap: $100,000

  • Deposit Fee: 0%

  • Withdrawal Fee: 0%

  • Base Borrow Fee % per Funding Interval (1 min): 0.0000016

Registered Markets

The BTCETH Perp Pool is non-dynamic and will only be used to provide liquidity for the following perpetual markets:

  1. ETH Market (cmkt/117)

  2. BTC Market (cmkt/118)

Market Operations

Liquidity Utilization

Both markets have a max liquidity ratio of 1.0, meaning that the full amount of deposited liquidity can be utilized for each market.

Market-Making Strategy

The pool uses a sophisticated quote shape configuration which you can view here, involving various quote price types and ratios to optimize the market-making strategy.

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