Committing Liquidity for Rewards

Do it!


Once you have added liquidity to the pools, you can commit your liquidity for a certain period of time (0 - 30 days) to earn rewards. The longer you commit, the more rewards you earn.


Step 1: Launch Demex, and navigate to the Pools Page that can be found in the Earn dropdown in the navigation bar.

Step 2: The pools page opens up as shown below.

Click on Your Pools in the side bar.

Step 3: The page displays all the pools you have added liquidity to.

Click on the Commit button on any of the desired pools.

Step 4: Input the amount of liquidity you would like to commit.

Click on the Commit button to confirm your transaction.

Congratulations! You have successfully commited liquidity on Demex. You are now earning block rewards in addition to market making fees.

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