Chart Trading 🆕

Demex charts are powered by TradingView.

The latest update introduces new features that enhance market insight and enable trading directly from the charts.

The upgraded TradingView chart allows you to view and manage your open orders and positions directly within the chart interface.

  1. Cancel Orders: To cancel an order or position, simply click on the ☒ symbol.

  1. Quick Position Reversal: With the quick reversal function (represented by the ↑↓ button on the chart position display), you can swiftly reverse your current position when market conditions change. This convenient feature enables you to adapt to new opportunities and stay ahead of the game.

  1. Edit Open Orders: React promptly to dynamic market movements by editing your open orders directly on the chart. Simply hover over your chart position, click, and drag it to the desired price level for execution. This empowers traders to make adjustments on the fly and take advantage of evolving market trends.

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