Making your money work for you!

Demex goes beyond a trading exchange, it aims to be an all-in-one DeFi Hub and one of the ways to achieve this is by introducing vaults.

Vaults provide users with one-click yield generating opportunities using advanced strategies such as auto compounding, spot and perp leverage trading, money markets, spot and perp AMM liquidity pools, and more.

Seamlessly integrated into the Demex frontend, these vaults on Carbon provide users with a user-friendly interface to efficiently manage and interact with their vault assets while enjoying the benefits of decentralized finance.

Below are a summary of the vaults available on Demex.

GLP auto compounding Vault

GLP Compounder Vault auto compounds the rewards earned by GLPs on Arbitrum GMX.

The vault mints cGLP when a user deposits GLP on Arbitrum. GLP is obtained from GMX and earns ETH rewards from trading fees. cGLP auto compounds the ETH rewards earned from GLP so that cGLP grows in value overtime.

Learn more GLP Compounder.

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