Celestia Point Booster Event

Welcome to the Celestia Points Booster promotion!

From May 23rd - May 30th, starting at 8 am UTC, seize the chance to earn boosted spins and surge ahead in the race for Demex Points.

How to Earn Boosted Spins

Here's how you can maximize your Spins for Points during this exciting promotion:

Perp Pool Deposits

Boost your spins by depositing USDⒼ into the Celestia Perp Pool and enjoy double the spins.

Perp PoolBoost (Every 1,000 USDⒼ Deposited)

Celestia Perp Pool

2x Spins/Week

Perp Trading

Elevate your spin count by trading on the selected markets linked to the Celestia Perp Pool! For every $10,000 volume traded, get triple the spins compared to regular trading.

MarketBoost (Every $10,000 Volume Traded)

3x Spins

3x Spins

3x Spins

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