Base Vault and $CLP Staking


The Base Vault is where you can deposit, stake, unstake, and withdraw your liquidity, and claim any available external rewards.

Let's explore how to navigate the Base Vault.

Your Positions
  • Your Total Deposit: The total amount of USD you have deposited as liquidity in the Pool.

  • CLP Balance: The available amount of CLP you receive from depositing USD that can be staked to earn extra esFLUO rewards.

  • Your Stake: The amount of CLP tokens you have currently staked in the Vault.

Your Rewards

To maximize your rewards, you should

  • Deposit USD into the Pool to start earning Trading APR, which includes a combination of traders' Profit and Loss (PnL), funding rate, and maker rebates.

  • Stake your CLP in the Vault to earn bonus esFLUO rewards.

Vault Stats

The 'Vault Stats' section displays:

  • Total Value Locked: The total value of USD assets locked in the Vault.

  • Est. APY: The estimated Annual Percentage Yield for the Vault.

  • Vault Performance: Indicates the profitability of liquidity providers, including fees (such as funding rate and maker rebates) and traders' PnL.

By accessing this data, users can make informed decisions regarding their participation in the vault and optimize their strategies accordingly.

Liquidity Distribution

The 'Liquidity Distribution' section displays:

  • Liquidity Allocation: Indicates the amount of used liquidity and the maximum allocated liquidity for each market.

  • Current Liquidity Distribution: Provides real-time insights into the allocation of liquidity across different markets. For instance, if the displayed utilization rate is 94%, it signifies a corresponding borrow rate of 0.094% per hour.

This information helps you gauge the availability and utilization of liquidity within each market.

Devnet Steps

Deposit liquidity to the Perp Pools and earn bonus $esFLUO rewards by performing the following actions:

  • Deposit: Enter your desired amount of $USD to deposit and receive the corresponding amount of $CLP tokens.

  • Stake: Go to the "stake" tab to stake your $CLP tokens in the Vault to start earning $esFLUO rewards. Your $CLP tokens will be converted into CarbonEVM's ERC20 CLP tokens at this step.

  • Unstake: When you unstake your $CLP tokens, you will stop earning $esFLUO rewards. Note that you are still contributing $USD liquidity to the Pool.

  • Withdraw: Withdraw $USD liquidity from the Pool.

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