Retroactive Demex Points

If you were active on Demex from 1 March 2023 to 20 March 2024, you’re considered an OG.

As a token of appreciation for your steadfast loyalty and past contributions to Demex, OGs will be granted a complimentary wheel spin. Simply give the wheel a spin to reveal the retroactive Demex Points you've earned through your past activities on Demex!

Retroactive Demex Points were allocated based on various actions, including trading, depositing, lending & borrowing, staking, and referring others. Your level of activity determined the amount of retroactive Demex Points you accumulated, with greater activity resulting in higher Demex Points.

Claim your Retroactive Demex Points here now!

New to Demex? No need to fret - There are still ample opportunities ahead to earn spins and accumulate Demex Points. Hop on here to learn how!

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