esFLUO Rewards

esFLUO represents the non-transferable, 1:1 escrowed version of stFLUO (staked FLUO) and is awarded as an incentive to encourage users to contribute $USD liquidity.

There are multiple ways to increase your esFLUO rewards:

Learn more about esFLUO here.

On the Fluo Dashboard, you can easily keep track of the total amount of esFLUO rewards available for claiming.

How to claim and unlock esFLUO

  1. Claiming esFLUO: To claim esFLUO, click on the 'Claim' button. This will begin its 12-month linear vesting period and will automatically vest into stFLUO over with every block. This will also reset the duration of any remaining esFLUO that is still vesting. Claiming also unlocks any vested stFLUO into your wallet.

  2. Unlock and withdraw stFLUO: At any time during the one-year vesting period, you can unlock the vested stFLUO tokens into your wallet by clicking on the 'Unlock' button.

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