Demex x StaFi ATOM Earn-A-Thon

9 February, 9:00AM UTC - 9 March, 9:00AM UTC

All perpetuals markets with $USDC as the settlement currency are replaced by one with $USD.

Additionally, all $USDC rewards will now be given in $USD.

Competition will account for all trades on perpetual markets with $USDC and $USD settlement currency.

Official Announcement

Competition Details

βœ… Complete Step 1 (Register) and Step 2 (Earn) to unlock bonus tasks!

Step 1: Register

Be one of the first 100 participants to register! To register, post a tweet on Twitter with your custom hashtag from us.

You can only tweet to register on Demex as the platform needs to generate your custom hashtag. Please ensure that you DO NOT change your custom hashtag. We will not be able to verify your registration if you do so.

Step 2: Click on Tweet button under "Register"

Step 3: A pop-up to connect your wallet address will show. Connect your wallet and check that the wallet address that you’re entering the event with is correct.

Step 4: The popup will show the tweet caption & personal hashtag. Click on the β€œTweet” button.

Step 5: A separate window will lead you to Twitter, prompting you to log in. Simply post the tweet and wait for it to be verified!

Step 6: Your registration is complete once you see a green "You're Registered!" text as shown below

Step 2: Earn

[Reward: 15 USD]

Ensure that you are registered before completing this step!

To complete this step, registered participants will need to:

  • Deposit or ensure a minimum balance of 100 USD

  • Execute 3 trades on the ATOM-PERP market

After completing the above 2 steps, you will have unlocked the Bonus Tasks!

πŸŽ‰ Bonus Tasks

Demex Bonus Task: Trade Any Perps

Participants will be airdropped USD rewards at the end of the campaign depending on their PnL % and ranking. Track your ranking on

Winners (and losers!) can either earn rewards or rebates:

  • Top 5 Leaderboard - Be one of the top 5 participants with the highest PnL ranking by the end of the campaign [Reward: 50 USD]

  • Losers Rebate - Be one of the first 30 registered users and earn up to 30 USD rebate if you end the competition with negative PnL [Rebate: Up to 30 USD]

StaFi Bonus Task A: Video Quiz

[Reward: 500 SWTH + 10 FIS]

Answer all of the questions in the video quiz correctly.

StaFi Bonus Task B: Lend rATOM

[Reward: 10 USD]

Lend rATOM on Nitron! (By the way, the rATOM Lend pool has $FIS incentives per week until the end of the event!)

Terms & Conditions

  • All current and new users are eligible to join the event during 9 February 2023, 9:00AM - 9 March 2023, 9:00AM (UTC)

  • Users will need to register to be eligible for rewards and rebates.

  • Competition is limited to the first 100 participants.

  • Prizes will be airdropped to winners as USD ($1 = 1 USD) to the Carbon wallet addresses used in the competition, within 90 days from end of the competition.

  • Kindly note that you are ineligible to participate in this campaign if you are located in these regions.

  • Demex reserves the right to disqualify orders or trades that are deemed fraudulent, amend any competition rule, guideline or activity at our sole discretion.

  • Demex reserves all rights to the final interpretation of this event.

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