Squad Tiers

Create your own squad or be part of a squad to earn extra Demex Points!


Squad Tiers are a part of our Demex Points system designed to encourage users to invite others to join the platform. This guide explains how Squad Tiers work, how they are determined, and the benefits they offer.

Squad Formation

Squads are formed using the referral mechanism. Here's how it works:

  • Captain: Initiator who invites new users with their referral code, his squad is created automatically.

  • Members: Individuals who are invited by Captains, they become part of their squads.

    • Each member can only be referred once.

As a result, a user can belong to two distinct squads:

  1. Your Squad Tier: Where you are the Captain.

  2. Captain's Squad Tier: Where you are a Member, referred by another Captain.

Squad Points

Squad Points are earned by the top 15 contributors in a squad. These points are crucial for determining Squad Tiers.


TierCaptain ReferralsSquad Points













Falling out of the top 15 referees in a Captain's squad may lead to a tier level drop.

Effective Squad Tier

Your overall tier is determined by the higher tier of the two squads you’re a part of.

This means that your Effective Squad Tier is your Captain's Squad Tier if it is higher AND you are among the top 15 referrals. Otherwise, it's determined by your own Squad's Tier.


If your Captain's Squad Tier is Gold Tier, and your Squad Tier is Bronze, your effective Squad Tier is Gold. When you invite someone else, your squad tier becomes their Captain's squad tier, so their Captain's Squad Tier is Bronze.

Squad Benefits

Loot Box Rarity Boost

Squad Tiers provide users a probability boost in obtaining rarer loot boxes. The higher the squad tier, the greater the likelihood of getting epic or legendary loot boxes containing significantly more points.


Let's illustrate the rarity boost with an example:

  1. Users in a Silver Squad spinning the wheel have a standard probability distribution across all loot box types (common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary).

  2. Users in a Gold Squad will have a higher probability of obtaining higher rarity loot boxes compared to Bronze Squads.

  3. Diamond Squad users have a significantly higher chance of landing on epic or legendary loot boxes compared to other Tier Squads.

Two-Level Referral Points

Captains can earn extra Demex Points from the points earned by their squad members and their referrals:

  • 15% Additional Points: Earned from direct squad member points.

  • 7% Additional Points: Earned from squad members' referrals' points.


Let's illustrate the referral points system with an example:

  1. User A invites User B to their Squad.

    • User A earns 15% of User B's Demex Points.

  2. User B invites User C to their Squad.

    • User B earns 15% of User C's Demex Points.

    • User A earns 7% of User C's Demex Points.

  3. User C invites User D to their Squad.

    • User C earns 15% of User D's Demex Points.

    • User B earns 7% of User D's Demex Points.

    • User A does not earn any percentage of User D's Demex Points.


By actively forming squads and inviting others, you not only boost your points but also benefit from additional bonuses from your squad and their referrals. Start building your squads today and reap the rewards of collective success!

Happy referring!

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