Demex Points

  1. How often are the Demex Points updated? A snapshot is taken every 5 minutes of your perp trading volume and perp pool deposits. Hence the most updated version of your Demex Points will be reflected on your Points balance every 5 minutes.

  2. When does the Demex Points Program end?

    There is currently no announced end date for the Demex Points program. Please refer to our official channels on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord for any program updates.

Retroactive Demex Points

  1. What’s the difference between retroactive Demex Points and Demex Points?

    Retroactive Demex Points are to reward users who have been active on Demex in the past get as a starting Demex Points balance. Existing and new users will be able to increase their Demex Points balance by trading any perpetual market and providing liquidity to the perpetual Liquidity Pools.

  2. How are retroactive Demex Points calculated?

    For users with previous activity on Demex, retroactive Demex Points are awarded based on past actions such as trading, providing liquidity, lending, borrowing, holding SWTH/rSWTH, staking SWTH, and referrals.

  3. When was the retroactive Demex Points snapshot taken?

    The snapshot was taken on 20th of March 2024 and takes into account the activity on Demex starting on 1st of January 2023.

  4. Do retroactive Spins have an expiry date? Retroactive Spins do not have an expiry and are valid during the duration of the Points Program. However you are recommended to utilizse your spins as you earn them. Any unused Spins maybe deemed void if not utilized following the end of the Points Program.

How to earn more Demex Points

Demex Points are earned from spinning the Wheel of Fortune to open up loot boxes. Spins are earned based on the user's trading volume on perpetual markets and the liquidity provided to perpetual pools.

  1. When are Spins awarded?

    Spins can be earned through two methods:

    • Active Perp Trading: When you meet the specified criteria for active trading, spins are awarded instantly.

    • Perp Pool Deposits: Based on the frequency of meeting the criteria for pool deposits, spins are awarded instantly based on your perp pool holdings on the weekly calculations.

  2. How do I earn Loot Boxes?

    Loot Boxes can be obtained by spinning the Wheel of Fortune and will assign Demex Points. Loot Boxes will assign a randomised number of Demex Points.

  3. Do spins have an expiry date?

    Spins do not have an expiration date. However, it is recommended to utilize your spins as you earn them, as continued activity allows you to earn even more spins, Loot Boxes, and ultimately, Demex Points. Any unused Spins maybe deemed void if not utilized following the end of the Points Program.

  4. Can new users earn Demex Points moving forward?

    New users on Demex will not receive retroactive Demex Points, as these are intended to reward existing users for their past engagement. New users can earn Demex Points earning Spins on the Wheel of Fortune and by opening Loot Boxes.

  5. How is trading volume counted? Only trades on perpetual markets are counted for you to earn spins. Open positions are counted while open orders that have not been executed are not counted.

  6. Does my perp pool balance affect how many spins I earn? Deposits and withdrawals to the perp pool directly affect your spin eligibility. To earn spins continuously, you'll need to maintain a balance in the pool. Any withdrawals will pause your spin accumulation until you redeposit funds.

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