Fluo Dashboard

The Fluo Dashboard offers various actions to manage your $FLUO, $stFLUO, and $esFLUO tokens.

$FLUO is the utility token of Fluo Finance; Learn more here.


Your Portfolio

This sections provides a

  • View your total balance and a breakdown of your holdings, including $FLUO Balance, $stFLUO Balance, $esFLUO Balance, and $veFLUO Balance.

  • Unlock your vested $esFLUO tokens: By clicking on the 'Unlock' button, you can withdraw your vested $esFLUO tokens (i.e. $stFLUO) to your wallet.

  • Check the amount of $esFLUO tokens currently undergoing the vesting process.

  • Check the vesting end date for your $stFLUO tokens.

Stake $FLUO

Stake $FLUO to earn more $FLUO rewards!

  • Staking $FLUO gives you $stFLUO tokens.

  • To encourage users to stake $FLUO, users are rewarded additional $FLUO rewards.

  • These incentives are channelled into $stFLUO, transforming it into a value-accrual token expected to appreciate over time.

  • The amount of $stFLUO tokens that users receive depends on the prevailing FLUO:stFLUO exchange rate.

Learn more about $stFLUO here.

Boost Rewards

Vote-escrow your $stFLUO tokens to receive $veFLUO, which enhances your voting power and boosts your $esFLUO LP rewards.

Reward Multiplier

The Reward Multiplier determines how many times your $esFLUO LP rewards are boosted.

It is influenced by the amount of

  • $stFLUO tokens that the user has locked into $veFLUO in relation to the total $veFLUO locked across all users

  • $CLP tokens that the user has staked in relation to the total $CLP tokens staked by all users

These factors together determine the specific value of the Reward Multiplier, which can range from 1.0x to a maximum of 2.5x, impacting the $esFLUO rewards earned on your provided liquidity.

Locking $stFLUO into $veFLUO

  • $veFLUO serves a dual purpose of reward boosting and guage voting.

  • Any $stFLUO holder can choose to lock their tokens and in return receive $veFLUO tokens.

  • The duration of the Lock Period ranges from 1 day to 4 years. The longer the Lock Period, the higher the weight boost, voting power and bribing rewards the $veFLUO holder receives.

  • As $veFLUO decays according to the vote-escrow period selected, it gradually and automatically converts back into $stFLUO in the users' wallets.

Learn more about $veFLUO here.

Claim $esFLUO Rewards

When you click on the 'Claim' button, the 12-month linear vesting period is initiated for all existing $esFLUO tokens that have not completed their vesting period yet.

This action restarts the vesting period for any tokens that are currently in the process of vesting, allowing them to start their vesting period anew alongside any newly claimed $esFLUO rewards.

Note: To transfer your $stFLUO tokens ($esFLUO that has completed vesting) to your wallet, click on the 'Unlock' button located at the top of the Dashboard.

Learn more about $esFLUO here.


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