Top Gainers #3

1 December 2022 - 31 December 2022

Competition Details

  • To win: Trade BTC or ETH perpetuals and compete for the highest profit % ranking.

  • Ranking is based on profit an loss ranking in % (10 winners)

  • To be eligible: You are eligible to participate at any point of time as long as you have an initial equity of 500 USDC. Hence, deposit 500 USDC or ensure that you have a minimum available balance of 500 USDC.

  • Register by posting us on Twitter with your custom hashtag

We highly encourage a separate account for participation. This is to ensure all transactions involving USDC do not affect your initial equity calculation


RankingPrizes (in USDC)






















  • The profit and loss will be calculated and ranked via %.

  • To be eligible for participation, you must:

    • Have at least 500 USDC as available balance at any point of time, which is used as initial equity for calculations (In the event that your initial equity is <500 USDC, you may not be eligible to participate, hence please ensure that you have the minimum amount.)

    • If you are registering before the competition starts, please make sure that you have >500 USDC on 1 December 2022, 08:00AM UTC.

    • To register, you will need to post on Twitter with your custom hashtag from us! Here's how to find your custom hashtag

  • Equity = Balance + Unrealized Profit and Loss

  • Individual PnL% = [Final equity - (initial equity + deposit during the competition) ] / (initial equity + deposit during the competition)

    • Note: Trading fees and funding fees are NOT included in the Individual PnL calculations

  • Any spot trading, withdrawal of liquidity, deposits or transfers of USDC resulting in an increase in your USDC available balance will affect your initial equity. We therefore encourage a separate account for participation in this competition. Example for calculating initial equity:

    • User deposits 500 USDC -> Initial Equity = 500 USDC

    • User removes liquidity of 300 USDC from a liquidity pool -> Initial Equity = 800 USDC (500+300)

    • User receives internal transfer of 200 USDC -> Initial Equity = 1000 USDC (800+200)

    • User withdraws 250 USDC -> Initial Equity = 1000 USDC (Negative outflow does not affect the initial equity)

    Hence, all positive inflow of USDC will affect your initial equity, while negative outflow will not. Initial Equity is calculated at the start time of the trade.

How to register (Twitter)

You can only tweet to register on Demex as the platform needs to generate your custom hashtag. Please ensure that you DO NOT change your custom hashtag. We will not be able to verify your registration if you do so.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: A pop-up window will appear on your screen as shown below. Add the wallet address that you’re entering the competition with.

Step 3: Ensure that you have 500 USDC in your wallet on 1 December 2022. If not, deposit more.

Step 4: The popup will show the tweet caption & personal hashtag. Click on the β€œTweet” button.

Step 5: A separate window will lead you to Twitter, prompting you to log in. Simply post the tweet and wait for it to be verified! When verified, you will see this popup:

Terms & Conditions

  • Prizes will be distributed to winners as USDC ($1 = 1 USDC) to the Carbon wallet addresses used in the competition, within 90 days from the end of the competition.

  • Users are only eligible to participate with a single account.

  • Kindly note that you are ineligible to participate in this campaign if you are located in these regions.

  • Demex reserves the right to disqualify orders or trades that are deemed fraudulent, amend any competition rule, guideline or activity at our sole discretion.

  • Demex reserves all rights to the final interpretation of this event.

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