Perps Trading Challenge

16 November, 9:00AM UTC - 15 December, 9:00AM UTC

Demex is bringing the Perps Trading Challenge to celebrate the launch of the Perp Pools!

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How to Register

Visit the registration page and post a tweet on Twitter with your custom generated hashtag from us.

Click on "Register" to generate your custom hashtag and tweet on your Twitter profile.

For the full guide, read: How to Register

You can only tweet to register on Demex as the platform needs to generate your custom hashtag. Please ensure that you DO NOT change your custom hashtag. We will not be able to verify your registration if you do so.


Trade on any perpetuals markets! You can opt for Pro Mode or Lite Mode according to your preferences.

Rise Up The Ranks

The more volume you trade, the higher the reward you win. Feel free to use leverage to boost your trading volume up the ranks!

View your current ranking and reward on the progress bar.


  • Who is eligible for the $1,000 raffle: Users who have traded more than or equal to $5,000 and have reached the Raindrop rank will become eligible for the raffle. Users who have attained higher ranks like Creek, River, Ocean, etc, are still eligible to win from the raffle.

  • Flat rewards: If you have attained rankings higher than Raindrop, you are eligible to win the rewards allocated to your tier alone along with your share of the raffle. For example, if you have attained River, you will win a flat $100 in rewards plus a share of the raffle according to the number of winners.

Enjoy Trading Discounts By Staking SWTH

Demex has adopted a fee-tier models to encourage you to stake SWTH to unlock more trading discounts.

Go to to stake now!

Terms & Conditions

  • Demex reserves all rights to the final interpretation of this event.

  • Demex reserves the right to disqualify orders or trades that are deemed fraudulent, amend any event rule, guideline or activity at our sole discretion.

  • All current and new users are eligible to join this event.

  • Kindly note that you are ineligible to participate in this event if you are located in these regions.

  • Prizes will be airdropped to winners as USD to the Carbon wallet addresses used in the event, within 90 days from end of the event.

  • Users will need to register to be eligible for rewards.

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