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Carbon Credits


The Carbon Credits program is a rewards system on Demex, designed for traders. Participants can earn a minimum of 80% back in SWTH tokens from the fees they pay while trading on the Carbon chain. These rewards are distributed every 28 days, known as an epoch or a season.
One Carbon Credit is $1 in fees contributed to the protocol.
Fees contributed to the protocol = Trading fees paid - referral commissions - rebates


  • Each trading epoch spans 28 days.
  • The first epoch begins on February 13, 2024, at 8 AM GMT.
  • Currently, there is no set end date for this program.

Eligibility and Rewards Calculation

  • This program applies only to trades made in the Demex Perpetual markets.
  • At each epoch's start, 400,000 SWTH tokens seed the rewards pool.
  • The pool will increase to cover 80% of the total trading fees generated on the Carbon chain during that epoch.
  • The SWTH's value is based on its rolling 28-day time-weighted average price, calculated from the last trade price in the SWTH/USDⒼ pair.
  • A trader's share of the rewards is proportional to the amount of trading fees they contributed to the Carbon chain.
  • Traders can monitor their credits and standings on a leaderboard.

Distribution of Rewards

  • Rewards are transferred to an EVM smart contract one day after each epoch ends.
  • Traders can claim their rewards using their EVM wallet (e.g., Metamask).
  • Unclaimed rewards roll over and can be claimed in subsequent epochs.