Demex is the most liquid orderbook Perp DEX offering zero spreads and up to 50x leverage.

Deep Liquidity and Zero Spreads

Demex's perp markets offer deep liquidity and zero spreads, backed by AMM liquidity pools. This allows traders to enter and exit leveraged trades with little slippage and losses from spreads.

Demex achieves this with its proprietary AMM liquidity pool for perpetual markets. It uses real-time price feeds to provide bids and asks concentrated at the index price.

The liquidity provided by the AMM also coexists with traditional market makers, allowing traders to enjoy even deeper liquidity on the orderbook.

This ensures that trades are executed at the current fair market price with little slippage.

Fast and Fair Orderbook Trading

Traditional AMMs are limited by a simple swap interface, which makes it difficult to visualize slippage at different prices. Consequently, it creates uncertainties for users surrounding actual exchange rates.

On Demex, users can visualize liquidity from AMMs on an orderbook and use advanced trading tools from limit orders to stop losses, providing an unparalleled DEX experience that resembles CEXs.

A full suite of TradingView tools are also available on Demex in-depth price analysis, marking a significant advancement from previous DEX models.

Trades on Demex are executed around one second and are MEV-resistant, creating a fast and fair trading environment.

Capital Efficient

Demex offers traders up to 50x leverage for better capital efficiency, but that's not all.

Soon, Demex will be launching cross-margin and multi-asset collateral support. These features will significantly improve capital efficiency for traders.

Cross-margin allows traders to use a single margin account to trade multiple contracts or markets simultaneously. This means that the margin balance in one position can offset the margin requirement for another position, effectively reducing the overall margin requirement.

For example, if a trader has a profitable position in one market, the unrealized profits can be used to cover the margin requirement for a position in another market. This allows traders to efficiently utilize their capital across multiple positions.

Multi-asset collateral support enables traders to use various tokens to open positions, rather than being limited to USDⒼ. This flexibility allows traders to make use of their diverse portfolio, which may even consist of yield-bearing assets to meet margin requirements.

For instance, a trader holding Bitcoin, Ethereum, and stablecoins can use any combination of these assets as collateral, depending on their trading strategy and market conditions.

The combination of cross-margin and multi-asset collateral support enhances capital efficiency by:

  1. Reducing the total margin required to maintain multiple positions across different markets.

  2. Allowing traders to utilize their entire portfolio to cover margin requirements, rather than being restricted to a single asset.

  3. Enabling traders to take advantage of market opportunities more effectively by using unrealized profits from one position to open new positions or maintain existing ones.

By offering deep liquidity, zero spreads, and capital efficiency, perp traders on Demex can enjoy a trading experience even better than CEXs, while still maintaining full custody of their assets.

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