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Carbon Grouped Tokens

Carbon Grouped Tokens are a DeFi primitive that used on Demex to aggregate the liquidity of orthogonal tokens that will always have the same price but come from different networks, or are represented as different tokens.
For example, axlUSDC from Axelar, USDC from Ethereum could in theory be traded as a single asset, rather than having users bridge or swap between the two trying to trade on a USDC quoted market. This works because all of these tokens will always have the same underlying price.
By allowing a basket of tokens to be traded as if it is the same asset, it defragments liquidity across Demex, giving traders better pricing and minimal slippage.
Any token that is whitelisted as a constituent of a Carbon Group Token is automatically converted to it when deposited to Demex at a 1:1 rate.
When withdrawing the Carbon Group Token, users can choose which constituent token they wish to receive at a 1:1 rate.
To learn more about the safety features or the criteria for whitelisting constituents of Carbon Grouped Tokens, go here.