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Signless Transactions

What are Signless Transactions?

Signless transactions allow Demex users to perform most of the common actions without the need to manually sign each transaction. This saves you time and improves your trading experience on Demex.
With signless transactions activated, most actions from trading, to liquidity provision, lending and borrowing, etc, do not need a signature. For safety reasons, withdrawals will still require a signature.
To see the full list of transactions supported and a more technical explanation, you can visit the Carbon guide here.

How do I access Signless Transactions?

When you first connect to Demex, after activating your account, you should be prompted to enable signless transactions.
Otherwise, you can visit your user profile page and find 'Signless Transactions' under 'Preferences'.
You can select the period that you want to enable signless transactions for, from 1 hour to 90 days. You can disable it at any time as well. This flexibility allows you to tailor the feature to your trading habits and security preferences.