MetaMask Mobile 🆕

Using Demex on MetaMask Mobile has the following benefits:

  • Open Demex directly in MetaMask Mobile to interact with Demex using your Ethereum account

  • Make payments to another account in one click (with pre-filled parameters such as recipient address, amount and network).

The following instructions illustrate how to use Demex on mobile via MetaMask Mobile.


Step 1: Install MetaMask Mobile on iOS or Android.

Step 2: Once you have downloaded MetaMask on mobile, you will be directed to a page where you can set up a MetaMask wallet. There are 2 options available: 1) Create a new wallet, or 2) Import using Secret Recovery Phrase.

Step 3: After successfully setting up your MetaMask wallet, select 'Browser' from the bottom menu, and navigate to the Demex website.

To connect your wallet, simply click on the 'Connect' button.

Step 4: Among the wallet options provided, select the 'MetaMask' option. Connect to MetaMask on Demex by clicking on the 'Connect' button.

Step 5: Approve the MetaMask connection to Demex on the Carbon blockchain by clicking on the 'Sign' button.

Congratulations, your MetaMask wallet has been successfully connected! You may begin trading on Demex using your mobile device.


If you're logging into Demex using a non-MetaMask wallet (eg. Keplr), but you already have funds in an Ethereum address that can only be accessed through MetaMask, the following notification may appear when you attempt to interact with Demex.

To resolve this, you have to first connect to Demex using your MetaMask account. After that, you can switch to your preferred wallet and carry out transactions on Demex as usual.

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