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Mint $USC

Introducing Carbon stablecoin $USC, the decentralised native stablecoin for the Cosmos Ecosystem! You can mint $USC right here on Nitron based on the amount of collateral you hold.
Learn more about Mint here.
Step 1: Launch Demex, click “Earn” in the navigation menu and click “Nitron” under the dropdown bar.
The Nitron page opens up as shown below.
Step 2: Under the “Mint” window, you can view all the assets that you can mint at any given time. Currently, the only asset you can mint is the Carbon stablecoin ($USC)
Step 3: Click on the “Mint” button, which opens up to this window as shown below.
Step 4: Enter the desired amount of $USC that you wish to mint. The maximum amount that you can mint is limited to the amount of collateral you hold.
The window displays your new mint amount and new health factor on your input.
Step 5: Click the “Mint” button.
Congratulations! You have successfully minted $USC, Carbon Stablecoin.