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Deposit & Withdrawals

How to Deposit into Perp Pools

  1. 2.
    Locate 'Perp Pools' on the page and click 'Go to Vault'.
  2. 3.
    Decide how much $USD to deposit.
  3. 4.
    You will receive $CPLT corresponding to your deposit.
Note: There are no deposit or withdrawal fees for BTCETH Perp Pool.

How to Stake 🔜

Note: Staking is only for external rewards which is currently unavailable.
  • Stake: Go to the "stake" tab to stake your $CPLT tokens in the Vault to start earning external rewards. Your $CPLT tokens will be converted into Carbon EVM ERC20 $CPLT tokens.
  • Unstake: When you unstake your $CPLT tokens, you will stop earning external rewards but will still earn trading rewards APR and are still contributing $USD liquidity to the Perp Pool.
  • Withdraw: Bridges $CPLT to Carbon Core and withdraws $USD liquidity from the Perp Pool.


Liquidity providers can withdraw their USD liquidity from the perpetual liquidity pool (and return the LP tokens) so long as they pay the relevant withdrawal fees, and sufficient funds are available.
A fee applies for withdrawing USD liquidity / redeeming LP tokens.

Withdrawal Limits

The amount you can withdraw is dependent on the liquidity utilization rate.
If the funds are currently being utilized as liquidity, there may be insufficient available funds in the perpetual liquidity pool for you to withdraw.
When the utilization rate of the perpetual liquidity pool increases, so does the borrow fee for the traders. As borrow fees gradually increase, it encourages traders to close their positions, or funding rate arbitrageurs to take over the pool's positions, freeing up liquidity.
Once the pool's liquidity are freed up, more funds will become available for withdrawal.

Withdrawal Speed

Withdrawals take one block on Carbon, which is about 2 seconds.
To ensure the security of the perpetual liquidity pool, immediate withdrawal of assets is not permitted; As withdrawals are processed only at the end of each block, there will always be a waiting time of one block.
This protects the perpetual liquidity pool against sudden liquidity drains and prevents stakers from front-running PnL changes.